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Metta Round the World is a project inspired by Bhante Mahinda, the Founder and Spiritual Director Aloka Foundation in Malaysia.

This global initiative connects like-minded peace-loving people with Metta and harness the collective energy to heal the negativity and suffering in the world.

Since its launch on 1 January 2012, more than 1,000 individuals, and 30 Buddhist organizations from 27 countries have registered online to participate in this initiative, in which participants practiced Metta meditation or chanted the Great Compassion mantra for 15 minutes or more every Full Moon day and dedicated the merits generated for peace, harmony, and stability in the world.

The pinnacle of Phase One of Metta Round the World was the One World, One Time, One Metta event in which more than 400,000 people practiced Metta and dedicated their merits for world peace, harmony, and stability during the Vesak Day celebrations.

The wonderful response to the Metta Round the World initiative encouraged us to extend this initiative to the next Vesak celebration in 2013.

In Phase Two of the Metta Round the World initiative, we invite participants to practice Metta meditation or chant the relevant mantra for at least 15 minutes on every New Moon and Full Moon day.*

As in Phase One, participants shall dedicate the merits of their practice for peace, harmony, and stability of the world.

There will also be a date and time when participants will be requested to be One with the World in meditation.

The Metta Round the World initiative comes right after 24hr Metta, a ground-breaking, non-stop chanting event that brought together Malaysians at the turn of the year into 2012 for world peace, harmony and stability.

* Based on the Chinese lunar calendar. As the New Moon and Full Moon days might differ from country to country, participants are encouraged to practice one day before; during; and one day after the New Moon and Full Moon days. Participants may also practice more often as they wish.


About 24hr Metta

24hr Metta is a round-the-clock event for Buddhists to come together for non-stop chanting of Karaniya Metta Sutta – the Buddha’s Discourse on Loving Kindness – and other relevant mantras for world peace, stability and harmony.

The turn of the year (31 December 2011 to 1 January 2012) was selected as appropriate for this ground-breaking event as it was a great and meaningful way to celebrate and herald the New Year by focusing on illuminating the world with metta and fostering peace and harmony.

Twenty-seven Buddhist organisations and groups participated in the on-site chanting, taking turns in  one-hour slots while seven organisations and groups in Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor in Malaysia and Australia participated from their locations via audio-visual link-up.


 The 24 Hrs Metta Initiative

About Aloka Foundation

Aloka Foundation was established with the aim to provide the facilities and training for individuals to kindle the light of wisdom (Aloka) within to walk the Noble Path and be of service to humanity. It is dedicated to promoting educational, humanitarian and spiritual activities for the well being and happiness of all regardless of ethnicity, creed and belief.

Since its incorporation in 2002, Aloka Foundation has embarked on a multitude of projects that include:

  • ALERT (Aloka Emergency Readiness Team) which is focused on preparing the community physically, psychologically, and spiritually in facing and managing crises

  • Medical Aid, notable for Medical Camps that benefited 250 residents of Kampung Mesilau in Kundasang, Sabah in 2010 and 700 residents in 19 villages in Kg. Karagasan in the interiors of Sabah in 2011

  • Green Thumbs that promotes planting of herbs and the greater awareness of their medicinal value as well as the cultivation of vegetables and crops to sustain and nourish

  • Good Heart that is dedicated tocompassionate care in providing assistance and spiritual support to elders and friends

  • Education which focuses on holistic education to develop peace loving, well rounded and confident individuals. A key initiative under Education is Aloka Rainbow Kids (ARK), a specially designed experiential and fun-filled Dhamma learning programme for children that involves parents’ participation

  • Retreats have been conducted in Alokarama, its holistic retreat centre in Asahan, Tampin District, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia for body and mind cultivation.


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