What is Metta Round the World?

Metta Round the World (MRTW)

Dramatic changes are taking place around us, with or without our knowledge. Information about the rapid and disconcerting changes in the political, social, and economic environments, as well as changes in our surroundings are increasing day by day.

These information are meant to prepare us to face the challenges ahead, and to wake up to the realities of life and the world around us. According to the sayings of the Buddha in the first verse of the Dhammapada:


Mind is the forerunner of all phenomena …

As such, we need to harness all our positive mental energies with one heart and mind through meditation and prayer for peace, harmony, and stability in the world.

We wish to invite you and your friends and loved ones to radiate Metta or loving kindness for at least 15 minutes on *New Moon and *Full Moon days and dedicate the merits for peace, harmony, and stability in the world. Those who wish to practice more often or for longer duration are most encouraged to do so.

Although the practice may take place at any time and place of convenience, we wish to encourage individuals and organizations to practice in groups, if possible, to harness the power of collective from this initiative.

Our efforts, individually and collectively, will make a difference.

Metta in Pali or Maithri in Sanskrit means “loving-kindness” or “boundless love” – love that is unconditional and without boundaries. Metta, the universal dharmic principle which upholds peace and happiness, is a positive and powerful healing force that transmutes the negative and chaotic energies in the world.

Practised together with wisdom and insight, Metta will transform us all into a caring, compassionate and sustainable community.


The Dhamma protects one who lives according to the Dhamma

* Based on the Chinese lunar calendar. As the New Moon and Full Moon days might differ from country to country, participants are encouraged to practice one day before; during; and one day after the New Moon and Full Moon days. Participants may also practice more often as they wish


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