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2011 goes down in history as the year in which catastrophes dealt the biggest blow ever to the world economy in terms of cost – US$350 billion!


According to an AFP news report, reinsurer Swiss Re, which tabulated this, placed the loss of lives from the natural and man-made catastrophes during the year at 30,000.


These numbers are staggering. Even then, it does not exactly tell of the untold suffering and the trail of sadness these catastrophes left behind. They are intangible, cannot be measured nor represented with dollars and cents.

While we grapple with that, what is top of most minds is the question:  Can we do something about these? Are the catastrophes beyond our control? If we cannot prevent disasters, can we at least to abate the sufferings? While some skeptics may pooh-poohed any such contentions, proponents of collective consciousness not only believe it can be done but have proven it.


Case in point. John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert and leading proponent of peace, conducted an experiment in Washington DC in 1993 by bringing a large number of meditators to one area between July and July of summer in which crime rate usually rise in co-relation with the temperature.


When the number of meditators reached 2,500 and grew to 4,000, noticeable was the distinct significant drop in crime compared to expected rates based on previous data, weather conditions and a variety of other factors.


“It was only a few thousand  people in a city of about a million and a half. So, a relatively small group was influencing a much larger group. That is what is so fascinating,” said Hagelin in an article titled “The Power of Collective” published in Shift: At The Frontiers of Consciousness magazine (

Effect on conflicts

Case in point. A similar experiment was carried out during the peak of the Israel-Lebanon war in the 1980s. On days when the number of meditators was largest, levels of conflict were markedly reduced – by about 80 per cent. This turned out to be a statistically significant effect because there were only about 600 to 800 people meditating in the midst of the entire conflict.


Case in point. Scientist Regg Braden, internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality, related in the Power of Visualisation video ( ), three experiments and their startling findings.


Experiment No 1. Russian physicist Vladimir Poponin investigated the relationship between human DNA and the stuff our world is made of – little packets of energy called photons. Human DNA was placed into a glass tube in which all the air was drawn out, creating a vacuum. It was found that the DNA caused the photons to form an alignment, showing that DNA has a direct effect on the stuff our world is made of.


Experiment No 2: In the military experiment, human DNA was placed in a device that could measure its effect in one room of a building while the DNA donor was in another room of the same building. The DNA donor was subjected to emotional simulation – joy, sadness, fear, anger or rage. It was found that when the DNA donor was having his emotional peaks and valleys in one room, the DNA in another room was having emotional peaks and valleys at exactly the same time.

DNA changes DNA

Experiment No 3: The Institute of HeartMath, studying the human heart, carried out a test to find out whether our hearts are the strongest magnetic fields and whether the effects extent well beyond our bodies.


Human DNA taken for the experiment were isolated. Individuals trained to feel coherent human emotions such as love, appreciation, compassion, anger, rage and hate were told to have those feelings on demand. As they did so, the isolated DNA was measured and it was found that in the presence of appreciation, love, compassion, forgiveness, the DNA became tremendously relaxed. In the presence of anger, hate, jealousy, DNA was tightened into a little knot.


Braden said the findings of the three experiments when put together tell an interesting story.  The first relates that the DNA in our bodies have a direct effect on our world. The third experiment tells us that human emotion has the ability to change the DNA  and an effect on the world around us. And the second experiment shows that we are not bound by space and time, in terms of effect on each other.


But what is even more startling is that based on other experiments as well, statisticians have been able to determine precisely the number of people required to have an effect on a larger number. Braden shared the formula: the minimum number is the square root of one per cent of a given population.


For example in a city of one million people, the square root of one per cent of one million is one hundred. Small influencing big.


Braden said going by this formula, in the world of six billion people, it would take only 8,000 people to change the whole world population. But obviously, the larger the number, the greater the effect.


The target in Metta Round the World is to draw participation from 108,000 and with that, we hope it would not be a ripple effect but a big wave to envelope the world with metta, the boundless, universal love that will transform us into a more compassionate and caring community, as well as transmute all negative energies and entities in light, love and harmony.


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