Metta Round The World is launched!

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Metta Round the World is launched –  officially and also taken off the ground!


Bhante Mahinda officially launched Metta Round the World on 1 January 2012 at the end of the ground-breaking 24hr Metta, a non-stop chanting and prayer for world peace, harmony and stability from New Year’s eve to New Year’s day at SJK (C) Sg Way in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.



And a week later – on Sunday, Jan 8, the first full moon day of 2012 — he set in motion the first metta practice by leading a metta bhavana session at Alokarama, Aloka Foundation’s meditation retreat centre near the foothills of Mt Ophir in Tampin District, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


That was at 10 am. Nine hours later, at 7 pm, Bhante Mahinda was in Aloka House @ Dana 1, Petaling Jaya, which is 180 km away from Alokarama, to lead another metta bhavana session .

Bhante Mahinda leading metta bhavana session in Alokarama


That was the punishing scheduleBhante Mahinda kept to lead a total of 100 in Malaysia – 35 in the morning and 65 in the evening – in group metta practice dedicated towards world peace, harmony and stability.



100 is not all. With already 200 signed up under Metta Round The World to commit to metta practice on every full moon day from January to Apri and every day on Vesak month from April 21 to May 21, we believe many more were, either  individually and collectively,  chanting, meditating or in prayer at a time of their convenience throughout the Sunday.


We would love to know what you did for this first metta practice, either in a group or as an individual. Share with us your experience. Email your metta story to radiate@mettaroundtheworld. Org. Do send us photographs as well.


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