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From just a sole light on the world map when Bhante Mahinda officially launched Metta Round The World nine days ago, many more have lit up.


From 000001 then, the metta participant meter has turned to 000204 – but still far off from the target of 108,000 to be connected in Metta Round The World for world peace, harmony and stability.


Notwithstanding that, it is heartening that the momentum is growing and if Bhante Mahinda’s instructions are fully heeded, the momentum will soon pick up in intensity.


Metta Bhavana session led by Bhante Mahinda in progress at Aloka House @ Dana 1

After leading the metta bhavana session on Sunday evening’s first full moon metta practice at Aloka House @ Dana 1 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Bhante Mahinda asked all present to think of someone or any number of persons whom they would wish to help in times of trouble.


He then instructed that if they could think of five at least, they would just need to inform them of Metta Round The World and its noble intentions and persuade the five to sign up and commit to at least 15 minutes of metta practice on each full moon day up to April and daily on Vesak month of April 21 to May 21, 2012.


“Help us to help yourselves and help your loved ones by connecting with metta,” he emphasised. “It’s so difficult to bring people to the Dhamma and if you can, in your life, even just pave the way for one person to change his or her life, the merits are great.”


The interest in Metta Round The World and the practice of metta has indeed been encouraging thus far as indicated by the messages posted by some of the registered participants from around the world.


Marcelo Barbosa from Brazil, for example said: “I would like to see the compassion, love, joy and equanimity in the heart of all beings, and every day I understand so clear that I will first have to get rid of my anger, bias, indifference and envy just so I have success… I’m working on it.”


Raymond from Penang, Malaysia posted: “Few of us can do great things … but all of us can do small things with great love.”


And KC Lim in Bangkok, Thailand hoped that that Metta Round The World would help him not neglect his practice which he found difficult to diligently keep up due to work, lack of friends of similar interest and lack of self determination.


Clement from Shah Alam, Malaysia who teaches traditional Thai Pali chanting, expressed his hope that everyone would set aside some time on Sunday’s full moon to radiate metta, be it at a temple, in front of their home shrine or any suitable place.


Sadhu! The promoters of Metta Round The World look forward to growing enthusiasm. Individually or collectively, we can make the difference for the welfare and happiness of the many.


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