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The first full moon metta practice has started off, taking place in several parts of the world though not around the world as yet.


Not all those who put in their metta practice either as a group or individually  for a minimum at a time of their convenience on  Sunday, 8 Jan 2012 informed us.  However, we managed to collate from some who responded to our call for a short report.


Here’s their Metta Log:


marcelobarbosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil


“We did meditation on Saturday. Four people gather and practised as a group while another fulfilled his commitment alone. Since only Mercia and I registered, I requested the other three to register at www.mettaroundtheworld.org. I hope that in the next full moon, more people will join us in Brazil. We are spreading to more people.”


bluemtnspadma in Sydney, Australia:


“A few friends and I connected for half hour Metta Meditation for a more peaceful and loving world for all being.”


Mitra@Shunfu group of 12 Dhamma buddies at Shunfu, Singapore:


“We fulfilled their  Metta Mission together .


“In support of Bhante Mahinda’s MettaRoundTheWorld initiative, our small group decided to have our very first online presence with our practice!


“Yes,  ‘iPractise’ versus ‘I Practise’


“One of the challenges we encountered was to persuade and help the non-techie, peace-loving folks in our group to sign-up and kept in the loop on developments in Metta Round The World.


“Thanks to Steve Jobs, iPad sure was  handy! One brother even kindly loaned his extra email account for tech-phobia Sister K to experience the convenience of registration! At the end we achieved our true purpose (and with some fun of course) to be of one mind, one heart, online or offline in the practice of metta.


“Next came the embarrassing moment at the beginning of our group metta meditation. The speaker to amplify the guided meditation instructions just refused to work.. We were left with the option of spiritual technology – connecting with our spiritual teacher and with our HEART and clarity of mind, hear his instructions.


“At the end of the metta bhavana, it was wonderful feeling of fulfillment achieved together for world peace, harmony and stability. That was what matters most!


Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society in Puchong, Malaysia incorporated Metta Round The World metta practice in their Full Moon devotional practice.


Julie Tan:


“At the end of chanting Karaniya Metta Sutta, the whole group of more than 10 devotees, chanted etena sacca vajjena sotthi te hotu sabbada (By the firm determination of this truth,may you ever be well) repeatedly for 108 times. This was then followed by 15 minutes metta meditation.”


Ping Wei from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: 


“I meditated for 1.5 hours. Peaceful and joyful. This metta practice should be carried on at the next Full Moon for a truly Happy Chinese New Year! “



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    January 23, 2012

    This morning on CNY my sister & I perform our puja followed by chanting of the metta sutta and metta meditation guided by Rev Mahinda’s cd on metta n mindfulness breathing. sadhu3x

    • Avatar of kllim


      January 24, 2012

      Sadhu! Rejoice with you & your family. What a great way to start the new year – with metta!!! Connected with metta, we can be a collective healing force for the negative & chaotic energies prevailing in the world

  2. Avatar of mettangella


    January 14, 2012

    It was truly a magical and blessed night for my friends and I. There were nine of us, from different parts of the world, namely, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia*. We went to Medan, Indonesia, for a friend’s wedding, and coincidentally, it was the 8th of January the night before we say g’bye to each other and depart the country.

    After a long day of traveling on the bus (from Lake Toba) and with just hours of sleep the night before, we made a collective effort to meditate together before the night ends. The atmosphere was just peaceful and joyful. It had been a long time since we’ve meditated together and this initiative of meditating together inspired us to continue with the practice and to meditate more often as a group and to connect with each other through meditation.

    * Malaysian and Indonesian friends residing and working in Australia.

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