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In Bhante Mahinda’s recorded dedication guide, he mentioned “May we grow and evolve from light to light…” What is meant by that?


In the Tamonta Sutta on Darkness (Anguttara Nikaya 4.85), the Buddha mentioned there are  four types of people to be found existing in the world. Which four?

  • One in darkness who is headed for darkness
  • One in darkness who is headed for light
  • One in light who is headed for darkness, and
  • One in light who is headed for light


In the translation from Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, one in darkness is a person born into a lowly family (eg scavenger); into a poor family; or ugly, stunted and sickly; engages in bodily, verbal and mental misconduct. Having engaged in such misconduct, he after death reappears in the plane of deprivation – the lower realms of hell


One in darkness headed for light is despite the lowly birth, engages in good, bodily verbal and mental conduct. After death, he is headed for the good destination, the heavenly world.


Person in light is born into an upper class family — a noble warrior family, a priestly family, a prosperous householder family —  that is with much wealth and  many possessions. He is well-built, handsome, extremely inspiring, endowed with a lotus-like complexion. But having engaged in bodily, verbal and mental misconduct, he, after death, reappears in the lower realms of hell.


Light to light is one born with all the endowments and engages in good conducts which takes him to the heavenly realms upon death.


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