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Metta is lighting up the world, albeit slowly but surely.


With 380 so far signed up to join as a collective force to radiate metta under this Metta Round The World initiative, the spread of metta is growing wider.


Starting from Malaysia where Metta Round The World was launched by Bhante Mahinda on 1 January 2012, the metta light is now glowing in:

  • the Americas – Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the US;
  •  Europe – Germany, Portugal, Russia  and United Kingdom; and
  • the Asia Pacific – Australia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Korea, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore.


Understandably, Malaysia has the largest number of participants at 208 as at today (8 Feb 2012) but of significance and most impressive is Singapore where the number is 77. As a ratio of the population of the two neighbouring countries, Malaysia’s numbers pales in comparison with that of Singapore.


Australia comes third with 32 and the US is in fourth position with 10.


We are confident that the more the current 308 participants imbue ourselves with metta – beyond just the minimum 15 minutes on Full Moon days – the positive force of loving-kindness will draw in many more not just in exponential growth in number but also in wider reach to the far flung corners of the world.


As Bhante Mahinda advocates, the more we transform ourselves with metta, the better  we will be able to transmute the chaotic negativity in the world. Envelope the world with metta and heal the world. Peace, harmony and stability will prevail.


Reach out to more to participate in Metta Round the World. Individually and collectively, we can make the difference!



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    February 23, 2012


    Rejoicing with all of you – that day by day the number of people who are committed to metta is increasing. However, just a feedback and suggestion.

    Instead of saying “albeit slowly” could we use “gradually” cos it sounds more positive, incremental and surely.

    the other point is that “the more we transform ourselves with metta, the better we will be able to transmute the chaotic negativity in the world” into “the better we will be able to benefit our wellbeings and transmute the chaotic negativity in the world.

    May all beings be well and happy

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