Have Metta Will Travel Part 4

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Concluding Sis Lim Guat Cheng’s log entries on Aloka Foundation’s presence at the Kalachakra for World Peace – a major Buddhist event in Bodhgaya, India where the Buddha attained enlightenment 2,600 years ago.


Sis Than Lai Har and Sis Guat Cheng were sent to Bohdgaya to see  to the operations of a Medical Camp initiated by Bhante Mahinda and supported by Friends of Aloka  for the benefit of over 200,000 participants of the Kalachakra, attracted by the conferment of Kalachakra initiation by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.


They were also our Metta Round The World Ambassadors to the Kalachakra, tasked with promoting Metta Round The World to the many from around the world that had descended on Bodhgaya.


We signed up 5 metta participants while hanging around at Hotel Mahayana waiting to catch our local coordinators Thinlay Choklha and Ngawang Chondhen to follow-up on the Medical Camp set-up.  At the food stalls while waiting for our food, we also got a few to sign-up.

Promotion items

In between monasteries/temples visits and the medical camp, we had a little ‘cottage industry’ activity – created a little tag with MRTW web-site as inserts to the Metta CDs.  Also folded and inserted the English-brochure to the CDs.  The CDs with the inserts were then distributed to the foreign participant entry gates.

As our Medical Camp is near the Kalachakra entrance for Himalayan participants, there were very few foreign participants passing-by.   We got the brochures translated into Tibetan with the help of Thinlay, had them photostated  – 500 pieces in Tibetan and another 500 with 2-in-1 i.e. English and Tibetan.  Another round of folding…


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