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Yes, you meditated! Some for 15 minutes and some longer. And you ended with the wish that suffering ones be suffering free… dedicating the merits accrued for world peace, harmony and stability.


What we did not know were the details and the activities of you getting together in the February Full Moon Day. Our attempt to get individuals and groups to tell us more was not successful. Only two groups responded so far. Thus, we don’t have much to share in terms of metta log.


marcelobarbosa from Minas Gerais, Brazil said in their Full Moon meeting, his Metta Brasil group has two new members. Some members could not attend the session and they meditated separately.


The group meditated in marcelobarbosa’s house as they did in January Full Moon (see picture) and they will continue working on growing the numbers in their group.


In Penang, Malaysia, Cheah Bee Hui reported that although this “Metta Round the World” initiative has started to gain momentum in other parts of the country and the world, many in Penang are not aware of it.


Friends of Aloka Penang took up the initiative to organize the monthly full/new moon chanting and metta meditation sessions.


The last session was held on 7 Feb 2012 at Peace House, Bukit Gambir, Penang. Almost 30 people attended this session despite the last minute notification (SMS were sent out just 1 day before) and horrendous traffic jam due to the Thaipusam celebration



We started off with 30 mins of chanting, followed by 30 mins of metta meditation, using a recording of Bhante Mahinda’s guided meditation instructions..


Right after meditation, we invited Sayalay Paramacari (more than 20yrs experience in meditation) who was on a short visit to Penang and staying in Peace House, to give a short talk about metta. How to practise/radiate metta to others when we don’t love ourselves enough? How to love ourselves? How to practise metta in our daily routine? – all these were some of the questions posed by both Sayalay and devotees during the 1hr interactive sharing session.


The session finally ended with some tea time snacks offered by generous devotees.

As we do not have a fixed location to hold activities, we had to rely on the kindness of other Dhamma groups/organisation to accommodate us. Although floating around from place to place is a little challenging for audio setup and notifications, we are glad to be able to create this avenue for devotees to practice together for peace and happiness of all.



As mentioned in Metta Round the World website,”Our efforts, individually and collectively, will make a difference.”



The next Full Moon session (7 March 2012) will be at Prajna Lodge, Mount Erskine @ 8.30pm. This center shares the same entrance and compound as Ehipassiko Buddhist Center with lots of parking space.



If you are from Penang and would like to be notified of upcoming sessions, do contact Sis Yue Jing (yuejing.lye@gmail.com) or Bee Hui (bhcheah@gmail.com).


Just like our metta friends in Penang, it would be great if you let us know the time and venue of the next Full Moon metta meditation session so that we can have a listing on the website to enable whoever in your locality to join you. Write to us at radiate@mettaroundtheworld.org. Please, please, please.




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