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1:00 GMT, 5 MAY 2012



This will be the One Time on Vesak Day when we are One World connected in One Metta for world peace, harmony and stability.


From 1.00 GMT to 1.15 GMT, Metta Round The World will connect peace-loving people from anywhere around the globe to meditate and radiate metta to the world.


This will be the build up from the 15 minutes of metta meditation on each Full Moon day starting from January, then February and continuing into March and April.


From the once a month frequency, it will be a daily 15 mins of metta meditation starting from new moon of April (i.e. April 21) to new moon of May (also on the 21st).


While the time on all these days are at one’s convenience, the time on the thrice-blessed day of Vesak Day that falls on  May 5 is fixed at 1.00 GMT for a synchonised metta meditation.


The following is a guide of the local time for metta practice in various places around the world – based on the location of metta participants registered to participate in this Metta Round The World initiative:

Australia 11.00 am
Bangladesh 7.00 am
Brazil 10.00 pm, May 4
Cambodia 8.00 am
Canada 9.00 pm, May 4
China 9.00 am
Finland 4.00 am
Germany 3.00 am
India 6.30 am
Ireland 2.00 am
Malaysia 9.00 am
Mexico 8.00 pm, May 4
Nepal 6.45 am
Portugal 2.00 am
Russia 5.00 am
Singapore 9.00 am
South Korea 10.00 am
Sri Lanka 6.30 am
Taiwan 9.00 am
Thailand 8.00 am
UK 2.00 am
USA  West 9.00 pm, May 4
USA Central 8.00 pm, May 4
USA Pacific (East) 6.00 pm, May 4


























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