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Commitment is a big word. So big to some that they consider it a boulder that weighs one down considerably.


Understandably, people shy away when faced with having to make commitments.  What more, if it’s a commitment to spiritual practice. It  is not taken lightly.


Faced with the possibility of not being able to make the 15 minutes meditation practice on Full Moon days due to other worldly commitments, some just opt not to be part of this Metta Round The World initiative however much they would want  to be able to do their part and radiate metta for the world.


Consider that heaviness on your chest just lifted.


Your participation in Metta Round The World’s global meditation on compassionate love is NOT a commitment to meditation strictly on Full Moon days. Our Metta Round The World specified Full Moon dates are according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Different parts of the world follow different lunar calendars and the Full Moon dates vary with just one or two days different from one another.


Therefore, it’s still alright if you are going to miss or missed the 15 minutes metta practice on our specified Full Moon date — it’s OK to put in the practice one day before or one day after. What is important is that one did put in the practice and even better if one can meditate on all three days!


Then there is the requirement for daily practice when it comes to the Vesak month which we have specified as April 21 to May 21. You have worries now that there may be days that you may miss out. Fret not. Just put in double the time the next day to make up for it. Again, what is important is one puts in the practice.


As a matter of fact, the metta practice can grow in you and be habit forming. Trust me, one can find that the day does not seem right if one missed out on the blissful metta practice.


May you be well and happy always!



  1. Avatar of sumangala


    March 10, 2012

    Attitude is a small thing but it makes a BIG Difference. Commitment is a small word but it makes a GREAT success. METTA is a small action but it makes a POWERFUL transformation. The Buddha said, ” There are only two mistakes that people commonly do along the path of ultimate HAPPINESS (1) They never get started. (2) They did not go all the way.
    If you truly…really…sincerely wish to be happy, START to walk the NOBLE EIGHTFOLD WAY, every day, and remember to GO ALL THE WAY. METTA.

  2. Avatar of Wai Lum

    Wai Lum

    March 9, 2012

    If we are really afraid of commitment, how come we still get ourselves committed to so many worldly things?
    Is it really so scary to commit to do something that’s for our own good?
    What goes around, comes around… we are the ones benefiting from it… and at the same time it benefit others as well.
    A worth while bargain we are getting here, aren’t we??!! :D

  3. Avatar of guatcheng


    March 7, 2012

    If 15 mins sudah very hard, how are you going to ‘last’ 60 mins unless you don’t start now :-))

  4. Avatar of clyue


    March 6, 2012

    For the everyday commitment supposedly 21Apr~21May, am I outsmarting myself if I practice 60minutes to make up for 4 days time? I wonder…

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