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April 21 is when we begin the daily practice to connect with metta for world peace, harmony and stability


After the once-a-month full moon practice since 1 January 2012 when Bhante Mahinda launched Metta Round The World, the momentum builds up during this month from new moon day of April 21 to the new moon day of May 21. The thrice-blessed day of Vesak falls on May 5, the full moon day of May.


We have 15 days of daily practice to prepare us to connect One Time One World One Metta from 1.00 GMT to 1.15 GMT. Just the thought of it of being one with the many in the world at one time to radiate metta is so awesome. Our positive aura from the metta we radiate will be just like ripples joining up together to be a big wave that will envelope the world with the boundless unconditional compassionate love.


Keep up the practice metta-farers. Together we make the difference in this one month and particularly on Vesak Day.


And in the event that worldly duties make it difficult for you in any day of this month to meditate for 15 minutes, just put in double the time the next day to make up for it. What is important is one puts in the practice.



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