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It’s not often that an opportunity comes to be One With The World in meditation at the same time for the same cause – world peace, harmony and stability.


We have no statistics on how many in total meditated at the same time – 1.00 GMT – and became part of the collective global healing force for the world on the thrice-blessed day of Vesak May 5.


The number ran into over a thousand – that’s the number that registered online as Metta Round The World participants. There could be more as there were those who subscribed to the metta practice and cause but did not register.


No matter what, we rejoice that it is a growing number. And we also rejoice that at least for 15 minutes from 1.00 GMT, there was strong metta that was radiated to envelope the world.


We carried out a poll to find out what the experience was like and here are the responses from some of those who participated


Martin Cross, Australia @ Aloka Meditation Centre, Sydney group meditation led by Bhante Mahinda


“I felt very happy and lucky to be part of a tradition that is being both proactive and practicable in promoting peace. I was inspired by the work of Bhante Mahinda and Sister Sumitra in extending this initiative out to the rest of the world. It reminded me of how lucky we are at ALOKA Australia to have not one but two authentic spiritual teachers.” 



Katherine Pratt, Australia @ Aloka Meditation Centre, Sydney group meditation led by Bhante Mahinda

Katherine (second from left) with three friends from Central Coast on their visit to Aloka Meditation Centre

“We all felt softened, quietened and harmonised after the 15 minutes of Metta Round the World meditation.  We realised we are but parts of the puzzle. Another’s suffering is our own. The earth’s ravages bear on our spirit and the best antidote to the samsaric cycle of sickness, old age and death is the power born from pure intention, transmuting into pure meditation from the seat of a soft, collective heart.  Together, we can move mountains of suffering and cleanse ourselves, each other and our world.  May all beings be Well and Happy.”



Lim Guat Cheng, Malaysia @ Aloka House Kuala Lumpur group meditation


“When the recording of Bhante Mahinda’s guided meditation came to the part to expand our metta around the world, I had this vision of all the metta energy expanding from various countries around the world, connecting and enveloping the whole world. I felt so wonderful and loved.”



Lum Yook Ye, Malaysia @ Aloka House Kuala Lumpur group meditation


“It was a tranquil moment indeed, to be one with the world, radiating thoughts of loving-kindness, on the morning of the thrice-blessed day of Vesak.  As I sincerely wished all beings to be well and happy, inner peace pervaded my being.  And to do this at the same time with others round the world enriched the experience.  Together, we can all change the world and compassionate love is the key.”


Vickey Chen, Malaysia @ Aloka House Kuala Lumpur group meditation

“As I was sitting there connecting with my friends in Sydney, Singapore and Malaysia, I can feel the warm energy of positivity in my heart and all around me.”


Khoo Chai Har (left) with her sister, Chai Wen

Khoo Chai Har, Malaysia @ Aloka House Kuala Lumpur group meditation


“I felt a deep sense of peace accompanied by crystal clear awareness as we radiated metta as a group. For a moment, I understood that we are indeed sparks of divine beings. Having witnessed and experienced the chaos and violence during the recent Bersih 3.0 (peaceful street demonstration in Kuala Lumpur that turned unruly and ugly), one cannot help but cherish the unconditional love which comes from the radiating of metta.”


Jessica Teoh, Australia @ Aloka Meditation Centre, Sydney group meditation led by Bhante Mahinda


“I am always grateful whenever I have a chance to practise in Aloka Australia. Not only do we have an amazing venue for practicce, we have two great teachers who are wholeheartedly committed to support our spiritual journeys. Having their guidance inspired and motivated me to continue my understanding and practice of Metta.


Deep down inside us is the need to feel connected. To have experienced a moment when our hearts open to connect with so many others across the world was truly moving and beautiful. I like to imagine that human beings are like batteries that recharge one another. When we connect spiritually, our energies flow, uplift and recharge one another to experience our normal state which is love.


We are so lucky to live in such spiritually evolving times.”

Some of you from other parts of the world may want to contribute and relate your individual experiences. Please email to


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