Metta Round The World Continues…

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The growing momentum of participation from individuals and Buddhist organisations has spurred us on and Metta Round The World continues till Vesak 2013.


Bhante Mahinda made this decision buoyed by the encouraging response especially the latest that came from Indonesia with a participation of 400,000!


In this second phase of Metta Round The World, metta participants who have registered and are joining in are required to meditate for at least 15 minutes on New Moon and Full Moon days at a time of their convenience.  As New Moon and Full Moon dates differ according to the Lunar calendar that countries follow, it would be good if metta participants can put in their metta practice on the three days — one before and one after the Lunar calendar date followed in their country.


There will be a date and time when metta participants will be requested to be One with the World in meditation just like what we did the Vesak just over. You will be informed in advance of their date. Watch this space for an announcement of that.


May all be well and happy always!


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