One Time.One World.One Metta @ Aloka Photo Gallery

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05 MAY 2012, Malaysia

@ Aloka Meditation Centre, Australia, more than 200 metta participants


Aloka House Dana 1

[img src=]30Commencement of MRTW briefing by Sis Guat Cheng
[img src=]50Offerings of Lights
[img src=]50Sister Sumangala
[img src=]40Buddha image represents Loving Kindness and Compassion
[img src=]30Paritta Chantings before meditation starts
[img src=]30
[img src=]30
[img src=]20
[img src=]20
[img src=]20Following Bhante Mahinda's guided metta meditation
[img src=]10Event ended with Vesak Message from Bhante Mahinda

@ Aloka House Dana 1, Malaysia



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