Padma – Kuantan Meeting 2 August 2012

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Metta Circle Sharing by Sis Jee Sin

I started a small Metta Circle on 2 August 2012.  We have 14 participants, consist of children 6-12 years: 5, teenager: 2 and adult: 7.  The youngest boy age 6+.  I played Bhante Mahinda’s Metta CD.  During chanting, the children were so quiet and focused.  At first, I was a bit worried if sitting meditation, they will be restless or making noises but they were so co-operative!  They sat on their cushions with their funny postures, some with eyes open… but no sound from them… :) Amazing leh the power of Metta!  Parents who brought their children felt that when the group is calm and peaceful, the surrounding will become so.

The session took about 1 hour, I conducted both in Mandarin and English.

Jee Sin

Padma - Kuantan


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