Participating Organisation: Devanapathis, Sri Lanka – Part 2

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Full Moon Day (Poya Day) – Metta Meditation 1

There were between 300 – 400 yogis and devotees within Devanpathis on Poya Day.  Many arrived 2 days before Poya Day and most have to stay in the big Meditation Hall as there were insufficient accommodation for all.  Many more arrived on Poya Day.  On the Poya Day of 29Sep12, being a Saturday, most stayed another night leaving on Sunday.  8 precepts were undertaken by most, wearing white with a sash.

Even though there are all many yogis/devotees on site, Devanpathis remain calm, quiet and peaceful.  We can see around 50 to 60 children.  They too are very well behaved, just an occasional laughter or squeaks.

There are Dhamma talks with guided Metta Meditation given, in the morning, afternoon and evening.  Each round followed by an hour or so of own practice.  During the meditation sessions, apart from the meditation hall, yogis/devotees can be seen seated in meditation everywhere.  I felt like an intruder when I took these pictures…

During breakfast and lunch dana, everyone queue up quietly and patiently for meals to be served by sponsors. Evening tea break is also taken without much chattering.

It is wonderful to observe that young and old can get together, practice together so harmoniously.


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