Great Story from Metta Circle Singapore

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by Chow Kwan Yin

Attached are 2 photos taken during Metta Circle 2 in PMT. There were 10 of us. (My 10 year old son was taking the photo hence he was not inside.) I must say that all the attendees had given me heart felt support. Thank you so much to all the attendees. There were so many last minute adjustments:

  • Refreshment should have come last, but turned out first.
  • we planed to have our chanting and meditation in 3rd floor where the huge, serene, white jade Buddha statue was, but it was locked up for the following day program. We ended up in a small room, fan too strong, light too dim, my speaker failed 2 times, my MP3 player did not set properly etc
  • need to carry cushion to and forth.
  • not enough time for discussion, and it was ended up badly conducted.
  • session ended late

but truly, I saw no anger from anyone of the attendees. What a respectful bunch of you! Thank you so much!

Post-gathering, following my sharing on the session, I received some encouraging replies, which I  like to share with all of you, as encouragement to all.   Yes, Metta Circle is held with the pure intention for world peace, harmony and stability.  Come and be part of us !!!


Sadhu bro Chow. Keep up the excellent accomplishment for the benefit of the many ….

Yes! Although there is a bit hip cup, but it is a good session for me.

I felt peace and of cos benefited from the session.

Thank you very much!

This merits will helps you in one way or another. May you progress in your practice.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!

Thank you for organising.
The past metta circle was a success.. not like what you wrote lah :-)

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu for making the effort for a chance for us to get together for metta..


LOL….u must have more confident with our Metta circle team members lah….we dont practise for nothing. anyway, i know u wrote to encourage us. thank you.
& please do not feel any pressure if there is any hipcups becos we are all in for this together ,  like all in the same boat it is jus who is rolling the boat & i am most grateful to you for coming forward to 出力 otherwise all will not happen.
I will be there on 2/11.
Sadhu Brother Chow.  Like the lyrics says, “This is metta round the world…….” Keep up the good work! :-) And elaine too, keep the food coming! :-)


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    November 14, 2012

    Dear brothers and sisters, Look fwd to join you guys. With Metta

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