Metta & Metta Group Gathering on 14 October 2012

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By Chung Lu

Metta & Metta Group had our group gathering in conjunction with my house dana with Ajahn Cagino.

Nearly 30 people came to grace the blessed occasion and listened to dhamma talk by Ajahn Cagino in Cantonese!  Both the pindacara and dana went smoothly.

A good example of environmental conscious message was sent across! Most of the attendees brought their own plates, food containers and cutlery!

After the dana, everyone helped to pack excess food (with their food containers). Also, some helped to wash the dishes and make sure everything was in order before leaving! One attendee kindly collected all the fruit peels for making compost! This is a good example of people helping each other, in a communal way of living. At the end of the house dana, my mum just needed to mop the floor!

In the future, we can continue to have a gathering or get-together (always abundant with FOOD ;-) ), among the M&M group members.

Maha sadhu for support from all, who came for the house dana and M&M group gathering.


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