Participating Organisation: Devanapathis, Sri Lanka – Part 3

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Poya Day – Metta Meditation 2

While the adults had their guided Metta meditation in the morning, the children aged between 6 to 16 were gathered together in the hall under the Relic Chamber for their own morning meditation session for about 2 hours.   They are given instruction on Metta meditation and walking meditation plus dhamma discussion and sharing on their meditation practice.

Their teacher advised that most of them can sit quietly in meditation for between 30 – 45 minutes!

At the end of their session, I gave out various type of sweets.  One of them was a lovely Sri Lanka treat called tala guli made of palm sugar, coconut & sesame.  Yummy!  I had given out to most of the children except 5 when I realized that I only had 4 tala guli left!  So I indicated to the 5 boys (as most do not speak English that well) the 4 sweets on my hand and pointed to the 5 of them and ‘asked’ how.  While all 5 looked eagerly at the sweet, one boy actually said softly “Given them.”.  I rewarded him with his choice of sweets from the rest of sweets that I had with me.  :-D
























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