New Year Message 2013

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Wishing you all a happy and contented New Year.

It is again time to rejoice, reflect and resolve.  To rejoice with all the good that we have done, to reflect on what else needs to be done and to resolve on the way forward.

I rejoice with all the generosity and hard work of the members and devotees who have helped with the various activities at Aloka over the last 12 months.

In moving forward we need to take into consideration the vast changes taking place around the world.  A shift of human consciousness, conditioned by external factors such as an increase in the sun’s activity in the form of solar flares or solar storms and a build-up of cosmic energy impinging on the environment, has already begun and may climax in the coming days, months and years.

How we react to whatever happens externally, in the environment around us or in our personal lives, depends on how we have developed internally, by cultivating our minds.  In order to be able to take advantage of challenging situations to shift our consciousness, meditation is necessary. It is no more a luxury, it is essential.

Through the insights gained through meditation one begins to see the world differently, realising how precious and fragile this world and life is. This paves the way for a shift in our mental consciousness, leading to a deeper perception of the Dhamma, and sowing the seeds of Enlightenment within us.

In these times of great change and uncertainty we need to be steadfast in our Dhamma practice each and every moment. We need to reaffirm our faith and confidence in the Triple Gem and avoid harbouring fear and negative thoughts, and instead cultivate compassionate love and cherish goodwill for all.

As we celebrate New Year 2013, please be mindful of age-old values which promote and uphold family ties, peace and harmony, through respect, humility, contentment and gratitude. These values also pave the way for our spiritual growth.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you all always.

– Venerable Mahinda –


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