Bukit Merah SG Circle on 7 April 2013

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by Sis Francesca Wong

On 7 April 2013, our gathering of 7 people started as usual with 13-verse Pali chanting followed by sitting meditation.

Some of us were trying hard to keep up with chanting. The feedback was that it would be better to know what we chant and to adjust the length of chanting.  The meditation sitting went well for most.

Our discussion opened with the question: Can you recall instances of talking without feeling?

We wondered what it meant & attempted to interpret the question and derived different versions. Most of us recalled instances where we spoke without feeling or not aware.

Next, why is there a need to speak with feeling and how can we cultivate speaking with feeling?

To show our sincerity; interested in having conversation with the other party, etc.

Is feeling from the heart difficult?  Yes!

Feeling from the heart is essential for Metta practice. Do you agree or disagree?

Agreed but not sure how. On the segment of Metta meditation practice, we wondered if we were really ‘doing it correctly’. Some questions which we examined: ‘Is it imagined?’, ‘Is the mind within or outside when sending metta?’, What does it mean to send metta – what is being sent?’ ‘What is the difference between metta & compassion?’

The conversation then progressed to ‘Who is a Buddhist?’, ‘What differentiates Buddhism and other religions?’

After much serious discussion & brainwork, we rewarded our tummies with yummy treat of Kimchi Rice with Soup, Char Kway Tiao, Popiah & finished with Tiramisu & fruit.

We were having such a good time and forget to take a photo for the session.

Picture from 2nd gathering on 3 March 2013


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