Bukit Merah SG Circle on 13 July 2013

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Saturday, 13th July 2013 was an extraordinary day for Metta Circle, because beside eight of us, one 80+ ‘Ah ma’ came to grace the session.

Seeing her composed figure, smiling, walking towards us, made us felt happy and blessed. Sadhux3 to the participant who brought her mum.

Chanting went on smoothly without guide and we were all quite impressed with our effort. Few minutes into guided meditation, the CD player gave way, everyone remained calm, peaceful & focus.

We started to share our spiritual encounters and progress. One sister shared that she attended a talk recently that “Mindfulness alone is not enough”. We need to cultivate good thoughts, good speech and non remorse which are very powerful in our daily lives and will help greatly in our meditation sitting. This is also a form of metta practice.

Be kind to oneself – we need to exercise our kindness with wisdom otherwise we may be taken advantage by others. Take some time to investigate, understand and agree with the reason before reacting rashly. Do not regret a good deed done even after realising it was a cheating-case; it’s good intention against bad.

In meditation, no need to be too hard on ourselves even though without result, just relax and be natural, incorporate these aspect into our everyday life enhance our spiritual cultivation.

I also shared a recent experience a sister (overseas) had when she became very emotional during Sister Sumitra’s Heart Talk Session at the Metta Convention. This was what she said “I can’t remember what she said that made me emotional. On the 1st day when we meditated with her during the Heart Talk Session I was touched and started to tears. The tearing just continued on to 2nd day although she wasn’t one of the speakers. The tears have released some of my body discomfort”.

‘Ah ma’ shared that she wakes up early every morning to chant. She does things independently despite her age and will be going with ‘her kakis’ to Malaysia next week. Ah ma’s good patience, self reliance and not being burden to her children; all these virtues are respectful and an aspiration we wish to have when we grow old.

After much discussions, we realised it was almost 7 pm – dinner time! We had pineapple fried rice, watercress soup, samosa, fried mushrooms, Korean spicy rice cakes, salad, desserts and fruits. Egg tarts, soya bean curd and bread was later brought back by some participants for their breakfast. Few stayed back to watch a video untill 10 pm.

shared by Sister Francesca Wong


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