Metta Weekend, Kuching 13 – 14 July 2013

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by Sis Wang Wee Choo

Lovely pink t-shirt specially made for the workshop by Rev Dhammika

The Metta Workshop was held as part of the Metta Tour by Bhante Mahinda to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia of which he is the religious advisor.  Metta Worshop is part of the “Metta Round the World” project initiated by Bhante Mahinda two years ago. The purpose of the workshop is to encourage participants to practice together by forming Metta Circles.

Workshop Opening

The workshop was held at Kuching Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Centre with 51 participants. However, some participants attended one day only, either on the first or the second day of the workshop which was facilitated by Sis. Guat Cheng and Bro. Jin Aun.


Getting to Know You

The ice-breaking activity was a “Human Bingo” game which everyone took part enthusiastically.  The participants were later placed into groups and they came up with names for their groups – One Metta, Metta Ria, Well & Happy and Jutawan Metta.  Each member in the group was given the opportunity to play the role of being a facilitator.  Then each group was given topics related to what Metta is and the benefits of practicing Metta for discussion and presentation. Then a dry run of how a Metta circle could be conducted was carried out among the participants. The purpose of all these activities was to prepare the groups to set up their own Metta Circles.

One Metta, Metta Ria, Well & Happy and Jutawan Metta

For World Peace, Harmony and Stability

Towards the end of the workshop, each group was asked to plan how they were going to form their own Metta circle.  Each group had their plan and they even had specific schedule when they were going to start their own Metta circle or Metta Party so as to quote Bhante Mahinda.

The workshop also included Metta Meditation and explanation by Bhante Mahinda on Metta meditation and the dedication of merits.

Session with Bhante Mahinda

Enthusiasm was high among the participants towards setting up their Metta Circles.  It is the hope of the organizers that the enthusiasm and keenness will help to kick start the Metta Circles as well as to maintain and sustain them.

Pray of Love - Sing-Along

Maha Sadhu to Bhante Mahinda, Sis. Lo Pai Ling, the President of BMSM, the facilitators – Sis. Guat Cheng and Bro. Jin Aun and helper , Sis.Kae Wen for conducting the Metta Workshop.  Thanks also go to Rev. Dhammika, the Abbot of Kuching Dhamma Vijaya for hosting the the workshop. Finally, sadhu to Sis. Lee Soo Hua and Sis. Sim Siew Leng who were the co-ordinators for the Kuching workshop.

Lunch Dana

While we were in the midst of the workshop, a mother and child came in to pay respect to the Buddha. Noticed the full prostration by the child

The night before workshop: A video on BMSM 50 years of Dhamma Duta Work and speech by Sis Pai Ling, President of BMSM followed by a dhamma talk by Bhante Mahinda on 'What the World Really Needs Now'


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