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MRTWlaunchWishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Prosperity and longevity, along with good health and stable relationships, are things we all yearn for in our lives. These are the main source of happiness for most people.

This year, we would like to urge you all to take stock not only of your material wealth and worldly possessions, but also to check whether your ego has decreased or increased over the past year, and for the year ahead. The criteria of measurement lies in looking at your own mind and checking the frequency and duration of your anger and displeasure over petty issues, as well as the frequency of quarrels and misunderstandings you have with people around you.

The way to reduce and overcome such problems is to cultivate the Dhamma. Remember that the basis of all human problems lies with the delusion of the self. It is this delusion, our egocentricity expressed in our thoughts, speech and body action, that gives rise to discord and disharmony with others as well as within ourselves.

Therefore, instead of making only worldly wishes for the coming year, please make sure to focus on your spiritual development as well. Faith and confidence in moral and spiritual values, such as reverence, humility, contentment and gratitude, together with loving-kindness and forgiveness, will naturally enhance your spirituality.

In your wishes to have a long and healthy life, it is important to recognise the true value of this human life and make good use of this precious opportunity to cultivate your mind. Whatever work, whatever duties or chores that you have to do in your daily lives, please remember to do it mindfully. Mindfulness will pave the way for you to grow in wisdom and compassion.

It is important to have love and care for yourself as well as love and care for others. Care not only at the physical level, but also on emotional, mental and spiritual levels, by reducing and eliminating greed, hatred and delusion. That is how we can grow and age with wisdom, and prepare ourselves to face any challenges in life, especially as we live through times of great change and uncertainty.

Dhamma is the best thing that you can have in your life. It is the only thing that can help you to transform yourself. Whatever Dhamma teachings you have received, especially over the last one year, please cherish them and put them into practice. Those who have participated in our Metta sessions and workshops over the past year, please keep up with your practice, and also help us to spread the message around.
This year the Metta Convention will be held in Sri Lanka from June 27-29, with an organised post-convention pilgrimage to several sacred sites. Those interested, please check the below sites:
Website :
Facebook : OR

I truly rejoice with the generosity and untiring services which you have all rendered throughout the year for the cause of Dhamma.

DHAMMO HAVE RAKKHATI DHAMMACĀRI – Dhamma protects one who lives according to the Dhamma.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you and all other members of your family.

May all beings be well and happy.

With metta
Yours in the Dhamma
Bhante Mahinda


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