Bukit Merah SG Circle on 5 October 2013

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On 5th October 2013, upon our invitation, we were honoured to have the presence of Phra Kanti for a Dhamma discussion cum sharing session. It coincided with our Metta Circle’s New Moon Day. It was a ‘last minute arrangement’. Although some hiccups occurred along the way, everything went well.

We had a long Dhamma discussion cum sharing session from 4pm to 9 pm. In this session, we touched on other areas of the dhamma and less on Metta.

Bhante shared a Zen story on how to let go …. the teacher asked the student to hold a tea cup without a handle and to pour hot water into it. After a while .. ouch! the student let go because the cup was too hot.

Bhante ended the session with a guided meditation and sharing of merits before he took his leave.

It was past 9pm when we had our dinner comprising tika curry, salsa, steamed tofu wrapped with cabbage, oven baked apple wrapped with popiah skin, crackers, seasoned gingers and kiwi and jack fruits.

shared by Sister Francesca Wong


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