Metta Convention 2014: Reflections

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Sunithaby Huihui

“Care to dare, dare to care” – these closing words of Dr Sunitha Krishnan’s Metta-centred social engagement reverberated within me, and refreshed the lens through which I view my practice of Metta. Dr Krishnan’s work exemplifies the strength, courage and humanness that mark the work of all the other inspiring speakers at the convention. I learnt that in each of us we have the power to see it, grow it and nourish one another with lovingly shared aspirations. It’s not just about belief, but carrying it through in action. No matter how small, each action is an investment in the pool of conscious connection and herein lies our freedom to choose, to be. Every speaker’s heartfelt sharing, every musical offering, every case study and audience engagement had me rejoicing in this opportune meeting of hearts, as local and global challenges rooted in division, aversion and oppression confront communities today. What a gift it is for us to gather in two days of deep spiritual learning acknowledging yet transcending nationality, culture, and even religion. I look forward to deepening my practice in the coming years in thought, speech and action, and connecting with fellow spiritual friends in the field of Metta in the next convention!



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