The Power of Collective Thought

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by Michelle Ang

NL14-7-7A new paradigm of physics is emerging, rapidly changing the outdated ideas of the last two centuries. Physics is becoming psycho-physics. New theories are being formulated. New physical mechanisms are sought. New ways of thinking are developing in order to describe what is observed.

Collective thought power influences what people have formerly thought was reality. The world is in continuous co creation by all living organisms, even the Earth and the Sun, and indeed, all the stars.

The idea that the power of thought, especially the power of collective thought, affects what has been called ‘matter’ or ‘physical reality,’ is emerging into human consciousness.

By Dr. Buryl Payne (Source:

The Power of The Collective

A study conducted by Dr John Hagelin in the summer of 1993 in Washington, DC, showed rising crime levels over a period of six months. During this period every year, the temperature gets hotter between the winter and the summer. People stayed out later and tend to be more aggravated and agitated. There are more fights and there is also an increase in crime rates.

From June through July of that summer, Dr Hagelin and his team brought to the area a large number of practicing meditators. When the group reached a particular size – 2,500 (ultimately reaching 4,000) – which was about halfway through the period, there was a distinct and highly statistically significant drop in crime compared to expected rates based on previous data, weather conditions, and a variety of other factors.

Why The World Needs Metta

Humanity is facing a civilization crisis. It is universal in nature and affects all living beings on our planet. Furthermore, it endangers the very sustainability of all life support systems. Those who are spiritually oriented accept this as a crisis in human consciousness. Therefore, we should attempt to bring about a transformation in human consciousness beginning with ourselves as individuals, families, groups and communities.

We can have as our common goal the full awakening of our human personality as well as the creation of critical mass of universal consciousness. Our collective energy will certainly bring about a transformation of human consciousness as a whole.

Metta (Loving-kindness) towards all, is the magic word, the mantra that can reside in our hearts and radiate our loving-kindness universally, connecting us together as one living world.

– Extracted from Dr A.T. Ariyaratne’s Foreword in ‘Awakening with Metta’ by Venerable Mahinda

Global Metta Meditation 5 July 2014

On 5th July 2014, we organized a global meditation from 9:45pm – 10:15pm around the world, with 30 minutes of loving kindness meditation, chanting and prayers. We connected with more than one million people in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka during the annual Pichchamal Puja, led by Venerable Mahinda, dedicating it for Peace, Harmony and Stability in the world.

Photos of gatherings and messages are shared on the Metta Convention FacebookMetta Round the World Facebook pages and we rejoice with everyone who participated in this wave of loving kindness, spreading metta around the world.



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