Metta Healing Workshop at Aloka House @ SD7

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by Samaneri Sumangala

2 Group photo Metta Happy CircleThe Metta Happy Circle of Aloka House SD7, on top of their regular sessions on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, had organised a Metta Healing Workshop on 26th November 2014, from 9am-6pm. Sister Patricia Soong, offered her service as the main coordinator, as her birthday gift to all.  The team was supported by Sis. Subana Ong, Merrin Aka, Sukhita Ong, Annie Tan and Uncle Lee. The sumptuous lunch dana and afternoon tea were joyfully offered by sister Siew Im, Ber Ber, Jacinta and others. Despite a weekday, thirty five participants turned up to take part in this inaugural workshop led by Bhante Seelagawesi, a metta healing advocate from Sri Sumedha Center, Sri Lanka  who was on a “metta healing tour” organised by Sister Jayanti Song of Aloka Buddhist Centre, Melaka.

The tone of the workshop was started by a puja followed by the recital of the Discourse on Loving Kindness led by Ven. Sumangala. We invoked the blessing and guidance of the Triple Gem and the healing devas for the well being, happiness and benefit of all who have took their time to come for self healing and help others to heal – physically, emotionally and spiritually with love, understanding and kindness.

1 Metta Healing PosterBhante Seelagawesi shared the importance of understanding what health and life is; the fact about death and how one could free one’s mind from the fear that leads to death. He said, “be curious and be investigative about what is “body” and you will be able to set your mind free from fear”. When the mind has no space for fear, it is calm. When it is calm and clear, you will make good decision.” He shared his experience of the importance to listen to one’s heart, gathering knowledge and skills, and put it to experiment rather than getting confused by “other’s opinions.”

Having set the right frame of mind for the workshop, he explained causes of sickness and the methods and means of overcoming sicknesses with the teaching of the Buddha – the Girimananda Sutta. He highlighted the recollection of the Buddha and also the importance of mastering anapanasati – cultivation of the in and out breath in calming the body and mind. Depending on each dis-ease, suttas that are suitable for chant-healing range from Karaniya Metta Sutta, Khanda Paritta, Bhojjanga Sutta, Dhammapada verses, Fearless protection from the Triple Gem and many others.

As there were participants who suffered from different kind of dis-ease of body and mind, Bhante Seelagawesi skilfully coach them to have “face to face” talk with their hearts and also demonstrated the simple hands-on techniques of pure intention and energy healing. Supported by the kalyana mitta in this workshop, most of them are able to look within them, the answer to their plight and discomfort.

Bhante highlighted, one should always recall to mind:

  1. Realize that one cannot find eternal life. However, one should have faith and confidence to heal – to be free from restlessness, fear, sadness and lamentation. When one’s mind is calm and strong, illness or dis-ease will go away. Have a resolution to be healthy and happy.
  2. Recollect the virtues that one has. Be aware of those virtues and find determination on those virtues e.g. five precepts. For example, “I have not harmed nor kill, by the power of this virtue, may the dis-ease be warded off.”
  3. Recollect the virtues of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. By the power of this truth, may I have the strength to understand dukkha and practice the way to overcome dukkha (suffering), bhaya (fear) and roga (sickness).

One should also attract:

  1. Positive affirmation: repeatedly recollect to mind, “get healed, I am well and I am healed.”
  2. Wise reflections: It is not wise to live with the thoughts of cancer or sickness for years and not wise to die due to that.
  3. Be constantly aware of getting healed. Clear awareness spared no space for sickness or dis-ease to grow.
  4. Be determined to do what is right and proper, to get healed. When there is determination, the mind is concentrated and will work for its acceptance and recovery.
  5. Pay attention, do it again and again until your new healthy neuro-mental structure forms and give nutriments to your life.

As there were many who wish for healing, Bhante Seelagawesi introduced a 24 minutes trans-healing for everyone to learn and practice as self healing and group healing. On the last message, Bhante reminded, “when one is looking for health and happiness, one should be aware and pay attention to it and not succumb to drowsiness, laziness of mind or sloth and torpor.” The workshop ended with much appreciation and blessings, and everyone was happy.

We are grateful to Bhante Seelagawesi, the organizing  committees, the donors and dana providers and all who have participated. May all of you be blessed with good health, prosperity and happiness.

For continuous practice and support from the MHC members, all are invited to join our Metta Happy Circle (MHC) – The Holistic Life-care. Please contact: Sister Siew Leng –  or

5 Individual and Group Trans-Healing 24 minutes




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