Metta Convention 2014: Reflections 3

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by Dewei Chong 

First of all, I would like to thank Bhante Mahinda and BMSM for giving me this wonderful opportunity to join the Metta Convention and post-convention pilgrimage trip in Sri Lanka. It was memorable and unforgettable. First few days, we were attending the convention, every speech has a story. The very first thing that impressed me was all of the speakers came from different religious background. At that time, only then I realised that “Metta” is cross-religious and culture.During the talks, I was thinking what can I do to contribute back to the society. I am just a student. I have no courage and power to fight for something for the society. What can a student like me or a person like me can do to spread loving kindness? Where shall I start?


Looking back to the trip, we are so privileged. Many people are taking care of us, nothing to worry. I could not forget the smile from the bus boy when he passed me the mineral water. I could not forget the smile from the local helpers. The smile is so powerful, it warms my heart. I believe a smile can bring people joy and happiness. A smile can stop people from suffering.

So, let us start to spread loving kindness with a warm smile!


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