Metta Convention 2014: Reflection 4

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by Jennie Gan

I felt very fortunate to join the pilgrimage trip post-Metta Convention. It gave me a wonderful experience although it was my first time joining a pilgrimage trip.


Relic Chamber

I was quite worried whether I was ready to adapt to the environment in Sri Lanka or how the trip will look like? Actually all my worries were not necessary at all.  The highlight was our short retreat at Devanapathis International Samatha-Vipassana Meditation Center. The first impression for me when I arrived at Devanapathis Meditation Centre was that it looks simple, clean and tidy, a calming environment and full of Metta energy.

I was learning the eight precepts during this pilgrimage trip. It gave me a great feeling and the calmness during the meditation and chanting. This was a really special feeling I never had before and it was a good experience for me to calm myself during this pilgrimage trip.

Not everyone have this great opportunity to join this pilgrimage trip. I am really appreciative and feeling thankful to Bhante Mahinda for this wonderful opportunity for us especially the youngsters to experience this pilgrimage trip.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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