Metta Convention 2014: Reflection 6

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by Nick Lee

Nick1I have a wonderful and memorable night with everyone during the Global Metta Meditation. The Global Metta Meditation brought the Metta Convention to an official end.

It was a Sadhu night where every individual from different countries gathered and rejoice together in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Traveling overseas was my fruitful experience, yet meditating with everyone was far more wonderful than an achievement I was assuming.

In that holy night, we were wearing white, our hearts was connecting with each other, we meditate, radiate metta or loving kindness to ourselves and all living beings around the world. I was so fortunate to be there. Being able to meditate without any disturbance or thought, meditate with full concentration, which was my first time achieving such abilities. Before global meditation, my mind was cloudy with assignments, idea brainstorming, what to do next after return to Malaysia. Surprisingly I calmed down automatically when global meditation started. It seems to be a miracle happening in four hours!

Vincent1Furthermore, I get to experience something unusual in Sri Lanka. We did not expect so many Sri Lankans will join this event and even more surprising, they stayed overnight, out in the open, around the stupa where we did the global meditation. Can you imagine thousands upon thousands of people sleeping around the stupa?  It was so congested yet in harmony. This is what I will not see in Malaysia. Overall it is a great trip to calm my heart and mind down.

Sincerely thanks Bhante Mahinda and BMSM for providing me a precious opportunity to join this trip.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! with metta.



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