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by Sean Mendis

A quick update!

A new Metta Circle in Newcastle

A new Metta Circle in Newcastle

More from Newcastle

More from Newcastle

In Newcastle there are around 3 Metta Circles with about 60 participants in total.  These groups are made up of participants who are as young as 3 years old and the most senior member of the group is around 80 years old.

Newcastle has responded very positively to Bhante Mahinda’s advice on starting Metta Circles and practising metta meditation. You get a real sense of a Dhamma community forming in Newcastle as a result of these Metta Circles.

A school teacher in Newcastle was given a one of Venerable Mahinda’s Metta CDs by a parent who is a metta circle participant. The teacher is now keen to get the students to practice metta meditation.

A metta circle was also held at ‘Mingaletta’ Aboriginal Corporation in Umina Beach in November 2014. This metta circle was officiated by Venerable Mahinda.

Mingaletta  Metta Circle

Mingaletta Metta Circle in Umina Beach

Metta Circles were started in Mosman, Newcastle and Belengen in New South Wales in the latter part of 2014.

A few new metta circles are scheduled to commence in early 2015 in New South Wales – Manly, North Ryde, Kellyville, Bondi Beach and North Sydney.

In Victoria, there are 2 new Metta Circles in Melbourne.

We have also scheduled the following Metta events for the first half of 2015 :

  • Metta One Day Retreat on 1 March 2015
  • Metta Workshop on 15 March 2015



Metta Circle in Mosman


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