Metta Workshop ~ 15 March 2015 @ Aloka Meditation Centre

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By Anna Wong

DSC_0139Aloka Meditation Centre’s second Metta Workshop was held on 15 March 2015. Over 120 participants attended the workshop, which began with Venerable Mahinda’s guided metta meditation session, demonstrating the practice of metta, followed by learning about the theory of metta during his Dhamma Talk. The concept of metta was further explored by our guest speaker Gerald Frape who provided insight into how to strengthen individual mental health and social cohesion by practising metta in our daily life.

After lunch, participants broke out in groups of newly-found friends to discuss metta and what it meant for each person. From the very experienced practitioner to the first timer, each individual had a different reason for coming along that day, but underneath it all there was a universal motive of “seeking love and happiness” within oneself and those around us.

The day’s program concluded with a talk by Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche. Through profound teachings and funny stories, Rinpoche left the devotees with many practical examples of how to practise metta in their life.

With the merits from this day, may all beings be well and happy, and may there be much more Metta Round the World.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!




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