Sri Lanka: Metta Circle in the Community

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MRTW SL chapter and Vishvaniketan have now successfully integrated Metta meditation to the prisons in Sri Lanka.



Photos from August 2015 visit: Meditation program at the Kaluthara prison (72 km away from Colombo) where inmates from ongoing court cases are kept.

Prison authority of the Kaluthara prison welcomed our effort and invited us to carry on the metta circles in both male and female prisons on monthly basis.

Bro Jagath, the director of Vishvaniketana, has been conducting meditation retreats in Colombo main prison for a period of time. He attends the monthly meditation sessions with prisoners focusing on healing their lives while in the prison.

MRTW SL chapter has been invited to set up Metta circles in ‘Mithuru Mithuro’ drug rehabilitation center in Pelmadulla (116km away from Colombo). This program will focus on healing the soul of drug abused youths. We offer our gratitude to Ven Bante Bodananda thero, director of Mithuru Mithuro center, for giving us the opportunity to carry out metta meditation sessions.

Prasanna Jayanath

MRTW – Sri Lankan Chapter


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