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by Prasanna

‘My respect to the Thatagatha, the fully awakened one.’

MettaAnother year is ending and most of us have new-year resolutions. We all have different plans. Work, family, spiritual life etc. are some of the top in the agenda. One of the most important aspects of our daily life is our employment. It is such a vital part of our life as we spend majority of time at work and not at home. We spend more time with work mates than our own family members. Therefore I thought it is best to pay attention on how to create a satisfying work place in the coming year.

What a lot of us don’t understand is that our work pays our bills, it feeds us and our family. We have the opportunity to donate to charity and offer Dana because of the financial freedom we have. Can you remember a time when you did not have a job and had to depend on someone for everything? Therefore it is important to radiate Metta towards your workplace. This short article will outline some of the practical components of “Metta at Work”.

HH the Dalai Lama, once in his book ‘The art of happiness at work’, explains that it is important to transform dissatisfaction at work. If you have anger towards your workload, towards your management or towards your clients/customers, you will definitely have a difficult time working there. Therefore it is important that your turn your dissatisfaction towards happiness through the simple practice of Metta.

One of our Metta circle participants in Sir Lanka tried the following practice of Metta every morning over a period of a month and shared his results with the rest of the group.

Metta Prayer“I get into my car every morning, start the engine, then wait in my seat closed eyes.

I bring my attention within, relax and calm my mind through few deep breaths.

I then sense the calm feeling within and radiate that around my body. Then I think of my boss, managers colleagues, and customer.

I try to imagine them being happy and calm.

Then I make an aspiration “may you all be happy more than me. May you all have the courage to go through life problems and yet concentrate to work. May I will be able to help you all today”

This simple 2 minutes practice of Metta brought him recognition swiftly. He won the hearts of the management and was able to perform well at work throughout the day. Everyone saw him as someone they can rely on. Work dissatisfaction disappeared. His customers loved him. This is a very good example of Metta practice. Let us all make a determination that we continue to practice Metta in the coming year too, in order to bring happiness to us and all sentient beings.

May you be well and happy!


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