Metta Night at Mithuru Mithuro (Sri Lanka)

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MIthuru Mithuro residents at Pelmadulla centre who are undergoing rehabilitation, participated their first Metta Night this week. Metta Night is aiming at connecting hearts of residents and their parents & loved ones back at home. This is a concept by Ven Bodhi (the director of Mithuru Mithuro rehab centre) and an initiative of MRTW SL chapter. Parents and loved ones of the residents are requested to sit for Metta meditation from their homes at the same time as the residents and connect with each other to strengthen the rehabilitation process. Four Mithuru Mithuro centres across Sri Lanka will participate in this once a month Metta Session from this month onwards. MRTW SL chapter facilitator Brother Rohitha conducted the guided Metta meditation.


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