Metta night at ‘Senehasa’ residence

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Residents at ‘Senehasa’ home of MIthuru MIthuro in Kuruvita sat for their first Metta Night last week. The day long programme involved a Dhamma class, a Dhamma discussion, and one hour Metta meditation session. The importance of the Metta Night was that parents of the residents were also asked to sit for Metta mediation at their own homes radiating metta towards their sons who are going through rehabilitation process due to drug abuse. ‘Senehasa’ residence of Mithuru Mithuro in Kuruvita provides support for about 25 youths who have addiction problems in alcohol and illegal drugs. MRTW SL chapter will conduct monthly Metta circles in these rehabilitation houses in order to integrate Buddhist approach to rehabilitation. Below photos show that MRTW SL chapter facilitator Rohitha is guiding the participants in the Metta meditation.

20160928_192004 20160928_191318


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