“Sabbadanam dhammadanam jinati - The gift of the Dhamma excels all gifts”
~ (Dhammapada v.354)

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Audio downloads

  1. Bhante Mahinda Guided Metta Meditation
    Time : 13:07 mins
    File Size : 12.6mb
  2. Bhante Mahinda Guided instructions on Dedication after Practice
    Time : 02:29 mins
    File Size : 1.5mb
  3. Silence (for prolong meditation time)
    Time : 5minutes (293kb)
    Time: 10minutes (586kb)
  4. Our Theme Song – Prayer of Love
    Time : 02:41 mins
    File Size : 2.5mb


Our Theme Song – Prayer of Love

  1. Prayer of Love – Youtube
  2. Lyric of Prayer of Love


Mandarin Guided Version 汉语版本

指导录音 —— 善友


Video downloads

  1.  The Chant of Metta by Imee Ooi with text
    link at


PDF downloads for chanting lyric

  1. The Great Compassionate Mantra
    File Size : 315kb
  2. Karaniya Metta Sutta
    File Size : 49kb


PDF downloads for others

  1. 3 Easy Steps
    File Size : 115kb
  2. FAQs
    File Size : 391kb

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