How to get involved

Step 1: Register into this website and get connected with us today! There is no charge whatsoever to be a part of this initiative.

Step 2: Allocate 15 minutes to sit in a comfortable and quiet location and dedicate it to meditation.

You only need to allocate one day a month to do this, during every Full Moon Day of each month between January to May 2012.  

From May 2012 to May 2013, every New Moon and Full Moon Days of each month

Check back here regularly for updates.

You can choose to do metta meditation or you could recite the Great Compassion mantra, or even any other suitable prayer or mantra of your choice. If you would wish to follow Bhante Mahinda’s recorded ‘metta’ meditation guide, you may download it here <> “Guided Metta Meditation”

Step 3:  Dedicate all the merits for peace, harmony and stability in the world.

Step 4 :  Cherish the thought: May all suffering beings be free from suffering; may those in sorrow be  free from sorrow, and may those in fear and danger be free from fear and danger.

Step 5:  Make the aspiration: May we all evolve from light to light and work for the welfare and happiness of the many.  May all beings be well and happy.


Click here for an audio guide on dedication on merits by Bhante Mahinda <> “ Dedication after Practice”


During the month of Vesak (21st April 2012 0 21st May 2012), practice daily, and on Vesak Day, at 9.00 am Malaysian time (or GMT1.00) all participants around the world to connect  for metta meditation or prayers.

Help spread the word. Get friends to participate by registering in our website as well! Remember, the power of collective consciousness is to get as many people as possible to perform the same action to enhance its power.

It is incumbent upon us to work together to bring our hearts and minds to meditate for peace, stability and harmony in the world and invoke the blessings of the Triple Gem and all Dhamma Protectors for the well-being and happiness of all sentient beings

Our aim is to have at least 108,000 participants worldwide by Vesak month 2012.  Please help us to spread the word and encourage others to join us.


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