Metta Circles

What is a Metta Circle?

Metta Circles provide a platform for connecting like-minded people to:
- practise loving-kindness meditation together; and
- provide spiritual support for one another, irrespective of caste, colour or creed.

As small groups of people practising together and supporting each other, Metta Circles harness the energies of loving-kindness to help build communities based on love and compassion, and promote world peace, harmony and stability.


Find a Metta Circle near you

Looking for your nearest Metta Circle? Visit Metta Circle Locations to find out where your nearest Metta Circle is, and when and where they gather. (You will also find contacts on this page.)


Start Your Own Metta Circle: 5 Steps to Form a Metta Circle

  1. Invite 4 relatives and friends
  2. Logistics – agree on where, when and how long to meet
  3. Organise a programme and equipment (such as cushions, audio player)
  4. Download or collect materials (such as Guided Metta Meditation recording, chanting scripts)
  5. Gather together

Download a copy of the 5 Steps to form a Metta Circle PDF*


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Further Information

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